The dental health check

At Bar Hill Dental Clinic, we don’t just give you a standard examination, we give you a full dental health check. It’s essential for your overall as well as dental health that your teeth and gums remain healthy and we take our responsibility in this are very seriously. You and your families dental health are our number one priority.

During the dental health check we will your current oral health, any risk of future disease, we’ll advise you on the care and treatment required to ensure good oral health. It is important that you try to keep your teeth healthy and clean to maintain good oral health.

Your dental health check will include the following;

  • We carry out a full examination of your mouth, teeth and gums
  • We discuss your general health and any problems you have had with your teeth, mouth or gums since your last visit
  • We ask about and give advice on your diet, smoking and drinking.
  • We discuss your teeth cleaning habits and give you advice on the most appropriate ways to keep your mouth, teeth and gums healthy.
  • We’ll explain any risks, as well as costs of all treatment you may need
  • We’ll advise you when your next visit should

You don’t necessarily need to see us every six months. We’ll recommend how often you should come to see them, based on your current dental health.

If you have problems with your teeth between check-ups, please contact to make an earlier appointment

For further information, ask the dentist or speak to the receptionist by calling us on 01954 781616.